LaCulture is a thematic art exhibition which set out to make art accessible as well as affordable.

The Exhibition happens every ~3 months, for 1 weekend and takes place at Mazeh 9 gallery, Tel-Aviv, or once in while in a local gallery bar.



In other words:

pop in our gallery → take a look around → nod your head → drink some champagne → mingle → purchase → drink some more → get an original piece of great artwork.



La Culture is a social initiative formed on June 2012 by Itay Blaish with a group of upcoming young artists who aspire to realise the ideal of making art affordable.

We at La Culture strive to achieve two main goals:

– La Culture will expose innovative, young and promising artists to the general public who appreciate and purchase art works, in addition to artistic trend setters, prospective art buyers and the artistic milieu.

– La Culture will assist the growth and profitability of young artists and will serve as a brave cultural beacon for visual art wherever, whenever.

What La Culture has accomplished so far ?

Nowadays, La Culture is holding most of its exhibitions at a renowned, municipal backed, art gallery and cultural house, Mazeh 9, situated at the bustling heart of Israel’s metropolis – Tel Aviv. Once in a while, we are going out of the comfort of our gallery to a local bar in order to make art even more approachable.

We have been more than fortunate to attract a vast and diverse audience to our exhibitions. Evidently, each exhibition gathered an increasing number of artists wanting to showcase their works, as well as having artists from a few years back returning to us although they are well acknowledged and selling in high prices in renounced galleries.


How does it work ?

Each exhibition is accompanied by a specific theme, which is meant to guide, inspire and piece together our art works.

Two months prior to each exhibition, a Call for Submissions is sent via our mailing list, Facebook page, blogs, art/design schools and our own contacts in Tel Aviv’s art world.

Our curation procedure is divided into two stages. First, our curators, decide which art works made the final cut. Then, the art works are carefully located within the gallery.

Each La Culture exhibition is held for exactly 1 weekend, and is renowned for being buttoned-down and relaxed.

Each purchase is handled directly by the artists and curators themselves, therefore our artists receive 100% of the revenue generated.

Founder and Curator Itay Blaish

Team: Ortal Bremler, Gabriel Bienz