HOLINESS @Krakow, Poland

For the first time since the LaCulture Initiative was founded, it has travelled outside of the borders of Tel Aviv to the heart of Kazimierz, the Jewish District of Krakow, Poland as part of the 27th Jewish Culture Festival. LaCulture has presented 41 young and promising Israeli artists for a contemporary art group exhibition of Israeli art in the theme of Holiness.

Adi Marmari | Adi Oz-ari | Amir Gelbard | Amit Maman | Amir Gelbard | Amit Naamani | Anna Mirkin and Tom Marshak | Arik Weiss | Boaz Sides UNTAY | Bobby Redmond and Sivan Werber | Dar Golan | David Goldstein | Efrat Ofek | Einat Magal Smoly | Ella Ponizovsky | Enon Avital | Eran Bachrach | Eyal Agivayev | Gal Ben David | Gavriella Melloul | Hila Cohen | Inbar Kassavi | Itay Benit | Jonathan Katav | Liron Cohen | Maayan Miller | Maor Ben Shoshan | Matan Shalita | Meir Azar | Michael Shvadron | Omer Ben Zvi | Omri Avraham | Ori Toor | Ran Michaeli | Roy Margaliot | Sergey Bunkov | Shir Zinger | Shuki Duchovny | Yinon Ezra | YONIL

This special collaboration between LaCulture Initiative and the Jewish Culture Festival, was formed at the start of 2016 and enabled LaCulture’s curators to collect and connect with some of Israel’s most young and promising artists and typographers to create their own art and interpretation for the theme: “HOLINESS” – an idea, a word, a concept. The exhibition will include 20 Israeli artists and 21 typographers and calligraphers.

Exhibition Curation:
David Pearl & Itay Blaish
Branding and graphic design:
Blaish.com Studio